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Empowering Facial

Background to face work

Working micro systems on the body that affect the whole person including all the physiology systems has been used for hundreds of years. The ancients appreciated this and there is evidence that in the 3rd century BC Chinese courtesans worked the face and body in this way to keep it attractive. In Japan the facial massage was exclusive to the nobility. The Geisha preserved the art of facial massage and blending it with traditional facials that focus on circulation we now find ourselves in possession of a powerful triad:


Poor circulation affects the appearance for aging skin. It can cause uneven, blotchy skin, especially in the face. Increasing facial blood circulation can improve the complexion and provide a more youthful look. Getting blood, lymph and energy to move will release energetic plaque and stagnation and improve not just your skin but every single aspect of our health and mood. Working with our facial lymphatic system delivers a clear complexion better colour and less puffiness and can aid skin regeneration. When we open the flow of energy to the face and body it rebalances, renews and rejuvenates. Clearing the facial chakra, and expanding the energetic boundaries into the face create more radiance and deeply enhance the energetic and physical structure of the face.


• Lifts and tightens all the muscles in the face
• Provide more oxygen to the skin
• Increase blood circulation to feed the skin, which will minimise lines, wrinkles water retention and puffiness
• Stimulate lymph flow for a clearer complexion and firmer skin
• Stimulate cell metabolism renewal helps you feel good and look good
• smoothes out lines and creases naturally by stimulating collagen and elastin
• leaves you with beautiful smooth skin and a glowing complexion after just one treatment
• It can stimulate certain energies and revitalise internal organs, hormones, the nervous system, insomnia, depression. It can go beyond the superficial concept of a purely beauty treatment.
• Superb to have as a one-off treatment before a special occasion

After the session you will feel empowered, uplifted, radiant and relaxed.

£45 (60 mins)


Clinic Location 

Sparcells, Swindon

easily accessible from Cirencester, Chippenham and local areas of Wiltshire 


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