Highly recommended. Have been receiving Bowen treatment with Carrie which solved a long term injury I have had allowing me to continue with my exercise regime and has made a huge difference to me. Carrie is so knowledgeable and the treatment environment is very relaxed. 

Claire Rose


Fantastic go there regularly for Bowen treatment. Calm atmosphere, highly experienced.

Heather Mustafa

Crystal Healing

I have been going to Carrie Michael for a couple of years now and look forward to every single appointment. I have a crystal healing regularly when I feel I need it and feel nourished afterwards. During it, I drift off and go quite deep and feel so relaxed afterwards. I don’t begin to know exactly how it works… just does. She knows what areas I need help with….today for example it was my liver. She helps unblock certain areas like my heart. I absolutely love going. It is time for ‘ME’ and that’s important.

Gill Townsend


I have been seeing Carrie since February 2010, on a weekly basis for Bowen. I never really knew what Bowen did, but I knew it did something. After eight years of regular Bowen I know that my MS is stable and I have had no major MS progression. Whenever I have taken a break from Bowen, eg for a holiday I always notice a difference in my wellbeing, but within a week or two of returning to the Bowen sessions I feel better within my self again.

Liz Russell

Access Bars

This was a new therapy treatment for me but one I was willing to try. My goodness… is fabulous! I have absolutely NO idea how it works but this treatment I found wonderful. I went so deep most times. Totally relaxing and most beneficial to my well being. Try it. I’m glad I did!



Following several years of discomfort from a tingling sensation in my left buttock when driving or sitting down, I received two sessions of Bowen Therapy from Sole Harmony.
Following this treatment, I am now free of the discomfort.
I have also recently sat on a four hour flight and again had no discomfort, which before the Bowen Therapy would have been very uncomfortable.
I would not hesitate to recommend Bowen Therapy from Sole Harmony.

Steven Baker


I have been having Reiki Therapy with Carrie for several months now and I find each session is wonderfully relaxing and of great benefit. Would highly recommend her.

Pete Garner

Clinic Location 

Sparcells, Swindon

easily accessible from Cirencester, Chippenham and local areas of Wiltshire 


Mobile:  07771517766